Common Questions About Breakaway Switches


Jon is really looking forward to his upcoming vacation as he makes the final preparations for his camper, and decides to skip the breakaway switch in an effort to save time. Jon tells himself that the trailer seems to be secured, so there’s really nothing that can go wrong…

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Just Say, “No Deal!” To Counterfeiters


We all love a great deal. Unfortunately, counterfeiters take advantage of our eagerness to find one. They sell items that appear to resemble a large brand name or will offer their product at a significantly lower cost than competing brands.

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Picking A Durable RV/Marine Shore Power Cord

RV Power Cord With 90 Degree Angle

Heavy power cords, such as ones used for RV’s and marine boats, can become damaged quickly through not handling them properly and regular usage. The weight of the 30 and 50 amp cords will often cause the connecting ends to

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