(11.27.2012) 50th Annual National RV Trade Show, Louisville, KY

The Kentucky Expo Center by Lizzie Morrison

50th Annual RV Trade Show! November 27-29th 2012, and your Power Cord and Accessory Manufacturer will be there withall the best Products!

“The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) is the national trade association representing recreation vehicle (RV) manufacturers and their component parts suppliers who together build more than 98 percent of all RVs produced in the U.S.” Source:(http://www.rvia.org/?ESID=about)

The convention will be held at the Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville, KY this year. There will be many different vendors from different markets here, so if you need information on the show check out the RVIA Press Release and the show page: RVIA Info.  Directions to the Convention center are listed on their website, as well as parking at: Kentucky Expo Center

Credit for images taken:

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