RV Power Cord: Ergo Grip Handle Series

There are over 7million people in the U.S. alone that suffer from some form of arthritis and weakness in the hands, making daily chores a hassle. This includes pulling pesky, stuck on cords apart from each other. We designed our Ergo Grip handle to be comfortable in your hands, while providing more than enough leverage to pluck even the most stubborn cords. We wanted our customers to feel comfortable when handling our cords, so that is why we have launched our new series of Ergo Grip cords & accessories.

handle grip blue LED indicator light safe easy to unplug power cord adapter RV TT-30 30A 10/3

  • Contoured handle grip gives strength when you need it
  • The brilliant blue LED indicator light warns you of live current traveling through the cord, so removal is much safer
  • Made of high-quality, injection molded PVC, you can rest easy knowing this cord will last for a very long time and still look top notch every time you use it

ergo grip handle grip products RV power cord adapter TT-30 30A 10/3


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Interested in ERGO Grip RV & Generator adapters? Find them at: www.conntek.com , or ask for it at a local retailer. If you need help selecting the right item, send us an inquiry and we can help you find it.

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