How to get your RV batteries ready for winter storage!

RV park in winter winterizing keep batteries charged

Temperatures are getting cold everyone! You know what that means…Winterizing articles!

Your RV’s Battery System…

Rv’s are typically run from the power stored in the vehicle’s battery. A 12v system like this does not last long if you do not provide charging on a semi regular basis. Cold weather wreaks havoc on batteries, draining them, and even killing them completely.

Batteries do not like to be discharged fully and not being fully recharged the next cycle. This is a problem for our RV friends who like to park there rigs at home for the winter months, and enjoy some time in the snow!

What do I do to keep my batteries charged?

So you may want to consider leaving your RV plugged in for the entire winter. We have a great article of products that are designed for this type of long term charging in our article: Top Cords to Keep Your RV Plugged in this Winter.

In order to keep your coach plugged in for such a long time, you may want to consider buying an RV adapter cord that is intended to be outdoors in harsh weather. Many time you do not need more than 125V / 15Amps of power, so an adapter that steps down to a household extension cord works great.

Or you may choose to use a smart charger for the batteries on your RV. These monitor the charge of the batteries over time and adjust automatically to provide optimal charging power. This would be the safest bet!

Extra tips to consider…

  • Make sure to check the fluid levels of all your batteries. (Chassis and motor)
  • Check your houses breaker box to make sure power is running to the RV and hasn’t tripped
  • Plug in a small light that does not use a lot of electricity near a window so you can quickly see from far away if your coach has power
  • Make sure only necessary appliances are left on during this time.


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