Las Vegas, NV. Photo gallery part 2

So after a long flight home my brain was fried. Blanca (my fiance) picked Jon and I up from the airport terminal in Milwaukee, WI. As we were driving in the car I started to cut and edit some of the pictures on the camera (an amazing feature on our new camera). Here is one I loved.


These are the gorgeous flowers inside of the Bellagio indoor garden right off of the main entrance. We had to walk past them to get in and out of the hotel, and I couldn’t resist! I’m sure many of you have seen the spectacle inside as well as outside:




Here I am with my cheesy smile. Funny story: I actually fell backwards into the flower bed behind me right before the shot. (too bad Jon didn’t catch that one!)



These pictures were taken after our delicious buffet meal at the Bellagio. Pictures can be found here. Can anyone tell me what song they play while the fountains are dancing about? Winner gets a cookie.

So after our encounter with the fountains, Jon and I decided to walk back to the Hilton and enjoy the scenery. A short while later we had stopped at Serendipity for some of their famous frozen hot chocolate, but to our disappointment they were not serving outdoors (and the inside was packed) So we grabbed ourselves a big tin of the home made mix and hit the strip some more. This is when the camera battery died!


So instead of charging the battery, I chose to take a relaxing dip in the hot tub and pool downstairs. It was a warm 70 degrees at the time (hot for a Wisconsin boy) and made my achy feet feel a whole lot better. 

So that’s all for our travels out to Las Vegas this year for the National Hardware Show. If you are interested in seeing more, feel free to follow us on facebook for more exclusive pictures. Take care!

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