Lighted RV Plug Adapters!

We all love the simple design of the RV Plug adapters. They are great for changing the configuration of your power cord to meet the needs of whatever situation you are handling. Their stiff construction allows for a long life of abuse, and remain the best ultra-light option for adapting power at the campground / job site!

We took it a step further and added a wonderful little feature you all would love. We changed the basic black color of the standard plug adapters to a clear blue design with a neon light!

RV and Generator plug adapters that light up buy online Conntek 14101-LT 14103-LT

The solid body construction ensures that it will be durable… P/N’s 14101-LT & 14103-LT

Every time you plug in your plug adapter you will know exactly if you are receiving power. This option is great for night-time removal or hook-up, and can be seen many feet away. Never second guess if you have power at your cord!

Lighted RV generator plug adapter, orange neon light Conntek 14101-LT 14103-LT

Here we have our plug adapter connected to our Ergo Grip Series cord (Blue LED Light). The Neon from the adapter is Orange…

Have you ever stumbled around in the dark trying to find where your cords are connected? It’s a pain isn’t it? For about the same price of conventional RV / Generator Plug adapters you can get your very own lighted adapter. These lighted RV / Generator plug adapters are only available in 30A to 15A configurations, and can only be found through Conntek!

RV Generator plug adapter lighted packaging retail conntek 14101-LT 14103-LT

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2 comments on “Lighted RV Plug Adapters!
  1. It can double as a nightlight also!

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