My Shore Power Cord Keeps Detaching and Not Getting Power!

“I have a Locking style 50Amp power cord (Similar to this one), and when we go to plug it in it will not give us power to our RV. We pushed the cord all the way in but still no luck! The locking ring will screw on all the way to our Inlet System tightly…”

Well although this is a very frustrating problem, it sounds like we have a simple (and slightly humorous) answer for you. Many people fail to realize that the side that plugs into your RV’s inlet is a Locking Style connector, and requires that you push it in all the way and turn it in a clockwise direction to lock it in place.

How to properly lock your 30A 50A shore power cord into your RV inlet system. Conntek

Sometimes it can be tough to push the cord in. This is necessary to make sure you have a tight connection…

Now some people can struggle with these cords because of their weight, and how hard it can be to push into the inlet, and we understand. It is necessary to fit very tightly so you have a good connection. But for these cords you must make sure they are turned to lock the cord in place, or you may not have a proper connection!

If you have plugged in the cord and it is locking correctly but you still have no power, you might have to consider either: your cord is defective, or their are other wiring issues with your trailer!


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