Can I plug my RV into the house and get power?

“My friend has an RV parking pad at his house, and said that I would be able to park my RV there for the winter time. I would still like to go over and use it from time to time while it is parked. Can I plug directly into electricity at the house? Are the home and RV the same AMPs/volts etc.? Thank you!”

YES, you can hook up the RV to the electric at the house but, you will not be able to run the same amount of appliances inside the RV as you could if you were getting power from a 30A / 50A RV power source.

See if your friend will allow you to call an electrician and install a 30Amp or 50Amp receptacle close to the RV and run your cord to it. This is the best / safest option, but if you don’t want to do that, you can still use a 15A regular household extension cord to get power. If your RV does not have a 15A 3-prong connection to use a regular home extension cord like this, you may have to use some adapters. Here’s how:

Determine your RV’s Amperage

Check the owner’s manual for the RV to find out if it is 30A, or 50A equipped. If you do not have the manual, the easiest way to determine the Amps of your RV is to look at the plug (male) side of the cord that comes with the RV, or call your dealer and they can get you the information.

| If you have an RV inlet system you can also look inside near the prongs and see the AMP / Volt rating. If it is 120V, you have a 30A RV Inlet system, 125/250V will be a 50A RV Inlet System. Here’s a good guide:


If you have a 30A RV / Inlet and want to connect to your 15A, 125V home outlet…

Getting 15A service to your 30A RV is fairly easy. All you need is one adapter! This can be done with either a plug adapter or pigtail adapter. We recommend the latter for certain safety reasons.

(Plug Adapter)
Conntek 14101-LT RV 30A to 15A RV Plug Adapter

(Plug Adapter for Inlet)
Conntek 30222-YW, L5-30R to 5-15P RV Plug Adapter

Conntek 14200 RV 30A to 15A Pigtail Adapter

(Pigtail for Inlet)
Conntek P515L530, L5-30R to 5-15P, RV Pigtail Adapter

If you have a 50A RV setup and want to connect to 15A, 125V home service…

If you have a 50A RV and want to connect to your home’s outlets you will need to use one of the adapters listed above, and one listed below. So you will connect one of your 30A to 15A adapters to one of these below:

(Pligtail style)
Conntek 14315 RV 50A to 30A Pigtail Adapter

(Pigtail Style for Inlet)
Conntek 14381, SS2-50R to TT-30P, RV Pigtail Adapter





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7 comments on “Can I plug my RV into the house and get power?
  1. That’s one hellava friend to let them squat there!

  2. Ingrid says:

    Good info. We’ve crashed at my brother’s house a couple of times now and it’s been fun. But we know we can’t run the A/C etc. Those nice LONG hot showers in his house are to die for…. lol….once taken for granted it.

  3. Beth Schmidt says:

    Already having the drop-down adapters (50 to 30 to 15), what gauge extension cord do you recommend running from the house to the RV? I have a similar situation–RV parked in driveway, plugged into house for minimal power usage while parked (fans, lights, water pump; no A/C or Microwave; just enough to spend time out there without roasting in the Texas heat or breaking a toe in the dark). How much difference will a 10g vs 12g vs 14g cord make in a 25′ length? Thanks!

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