RV 30A Plug Melted on my Cordset…

“We were hooked up to the 30 amp power at our favorite campsite and when we unplugged our 30A cord we noticed that the plug prongs were discolored and the plastic literally melted around them from the RV plug casing.

Our RV is a 30A model, and we did not trip any breakers. Why would our plug just melt the way it did?”


We are glad to hear that it did not start a fire or cause any more serious damage…

Since you own a 30A RV, it is built to run the accessories that come with it like your TV, Fridge, A/C ect.. So I do not believe it would have been your usage that cause the plug to melt. These are the most common reasons we see for a melted plug:

1. Low Voltage at the connection….

It can be very common to have low voltage issues at the RV pedestal / park. When there is low voltage at the park and you plug in, and the demand becomes too high, it will start to heat up your connections. A lot of times it will melt the prongs on your cords / outlets, and if low voltage is the suspect it can also damage your appliances…

Use an AC Voltage monitor when you plug in to determine if you have a low voltage problem. If you do have low voltage, contact your park supervisor and do not connect until it is fixed.

2. Loose / Corroded / Defect in the Cord or outlet…

These corroded or loose connections can cause electrical arcing which can produce excessive heat causing damage to the plug as well as the power cord itself. Or when a cord is defective there may not be a secure connection inside the case, causing arcing as well.

Always check your cord / outlet and make sure there is no build up on the contact points. If they are loose, always replace the end / cord immediately. And if your cord is very hard to plug in and does not operate properly, you may have a defective product and need to send it back!

If you have a damaged end, you can replace it for much cheaper. Buy a replacement plug / connector from our line of Conntek 30A/50A Plugs & Connectors. We have a short video on our youtube channel that can show you how to wire them posted below.

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