Finding what outlet is on your generator

Have a generator that you don’t know what cord attaches to it? What cord goes to my generator outlet panel? Both are good questions and we want to show you an easy way to determine the cord you need for your generator just by looking at your generator outlet panel.

Below are two charts to match the look of your outlet and find the right name for the plug you need to go into it.


Determining what cord you need…

The easiest way to find out what cord you need is to look at the amount of prongs, and the shape of the prongs / outlets and match the cord to that. We will break it down into two sections: Straight Blade Style Twisting Style.


What Straight blade & twisting style look like…

Examples of straight blade plug styles for generator use.

Here are a few examples of straight blade plugs. Locking will have a rounded configuration that is in the shape of a circle.


Here are a few examples of locking plugs. Notice the round orientation of the pins.


Straight Blade styles…

Straight blade styles are a category that help identify the plug configurations. A good example of a straight blade is the typical household plug / connector on most of your appliances at home.

If you have this style of outlet on your generator and you want to connect to it, here’s a table you can reference to find the right cord. Just match up the picture to your outlet, and find the NEMA (industry name) & a part number for plugs we offer.

Outlet chart for generators. find the right plug, connector, cord, adapter for your outlet panel.

You may also enter the name in our search bar at our website and find cordsets / adapters for that configuration.


Round (Twist to Lock) Styles…

Most generators now will also carry a larger, rounded style outlet for you to plug into. These require that you insert the plug and twist it. The twist locks the cord in place so it will not fall out.

Match your rounded (twist to lock style) generator outlet to the chart and you will find the name and some suggested Part numbers to look at.

generator outlet panel locking outlet chart. help find right cord, adapter, plug. www.conntek.com_________________________________________________________________________

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