Revolutionary 30A Straight Blade Inlet System for RV’s


We are proud to announce the launch of our PATENTED, RV Straight Blade Inlet System. The all new Straight Blade RV inlets are now available for RV’ers everywhere.

We currently are stocking a 30A version that uses the same connections as your RV’s extension cord (TT-30 Configuration)

Why should you switch Inlets?

It is very common for Locking inlet systems to be inadequate and can have loose connections to the pins inside of the cord / inlet system.This happens when the cord wiggles loose slightly, or is not installed properly. This causes extreme wear on the pins and HEAT, and heat can = fire!

The straight blade inlet system solves critical safety problems…

With the straight blade system you have a fool proof connection that anyone can connect and be confident that it will not come loose or cause damage to your RV. This straight connection reduces electrical arcing, reducing the chance of wear and tear.

We removed the twist to lock style movement, and replaced it with the standard Straight-Blade style that is much easier to plug in. Easier to plug in = easier on the hands and arms when plugging in your cords.

Our initial pre-release of this system to popular RV Mfgs. shows a defect rate of under.01% ! That means you will almost NEVER have to replace this inlet during your RV’s lifetime. Try and compare that to the other brands…

RV’ers & RV Manufacturers save time and money…Conntek-Straight-Blade-Inlet-Adapter-30A-to-50A

That means it is an amazing deal for the both the RV’er and the Manufacturers of RV’s. You get added safety, for the same price. The Inlet design is simplified to provide a quicker install time, and time = money as we all know. 

So if you are an RV’er, or an RV Mfg. / Dealer and want more information / pricing on our straight blade inlet system, please send us a message or call us at the info below:

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