Male to Male power cords, Do not use!

I can’t begin to tell you the amount of people I hear asking for a power cord that has a Male end to another Male end. Well you’re probably asking: What’s so bad about it? Who cares as long as it works. Wrong

The Truth

There’s a reason we call these types of cords “suicide cables.” Power cords are designed the way they are for a reason. A cord with a Male and a Female side is the appropriate way of doing this. This stops people from creating dangerous concoctions of the electrical sort. In fact, the NEC prohibits male to male cords see 406.6(a) & (b). As well as OSHA.

When you plug in a male to male power cord, you are leaving one end of the cord open to live current. You probably wouldn’t enjoy that shock. All I can imagine is watching someone grab that male end, and end up looking a little like this.

People are using these cords for:

  • We have been seeing quite a few people taking male to male power cords and installing outlets into their homes, and back-feeding power from their generators into their home’s electrical system.
  • People who are lazy and do not want to take down their Christmas lighting after stringing them up incorrectly.
  • And more. Maybe you guy’s can add you story in and I’ll feature it in the revision on this post.

There are horror stories of people harming electrical workers and family members like this short article summary:

The young granddaughter of a co-worker was playing by a couch, and she found a male ended power cord sticking out from under the couch. She, being a toddler, stuck it in her mouth. It was a live 120 volt line that the previous owner of the home had hacked together for an unknown reason. The current owners of the house had no idea that it was live.

She ended up frying her lips, blowing out the teeth in her bottom jaw, and badly damaging her tongue.

Doesn’t seem bad now does it? I have been through hundreds of electrical forums speaking with certified and licensed electricians about these cords, and so far no one agreed to make me a cord. One even went so far as to call me a dummy (nice word).

What’s the final thought?

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need a male to male cord. Turn around and walk away immediately. The liability and possible damage you can do to you property and family can be catastrophic.

We suggest hiring a licensed electrician to come and install the proper outlets / transfer switches etc.. It may cost a little more money, but in the long run, your buns will thank you.

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