Short Trailer Wire? No Problem!

Connecting the electrical wires from a trailer to your vehicle can be difficult if the plug is in a hard to reach area or the trailer cord is too short to even reach the vehicle’s plug. If the cord from the trailer does not have sufficient length to connect to the vehicle, the lights on the trailer will not work resulting in a dangerous and possibly illegal situation.

Bridging the Gap



To fix this problem, you could remove the plug from the vehicle, mount a new plug so that it is conveniently located next to the trailer hitch, and rewire the connections. For most people though, this can be a time consuming and expensive solution. The quickest method is to simply use an extension cord to ensure that everything is plugged in. Here are a few 7 Way system extension cords that we recommend:

Final Notes

The length of the extension cord is important when deciding on which one to purchase. Ideally, you should find a cord that does not have much (if any) extra length to minimize the chances of damaging the cord. If there is some extra cord, simply secure it to prevent the cord from scraping against the road while driving. Zip ties work great for this!

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