Conntek’s Secure Locking Connector Keeps Devices Plugged In

metal bracketFor those working in IT, hospitals, offices, or just about any place where a secure power connection is a necessity, Conntek’s power supply cords with push lock technology enable quick plug-ins without the hassle of using outdated methods. Previously, a metal bracket was attached to the power cord and device to prevent the cord from disconnecting. The push lock technology eliminates the need for brackets as it has a locking mechanism built right into the plug.

Secure Locking Connector



As shown in the images, simply push the plug in to activate a secure connection. To remove the cord, just push on the red tabs to activate the unlocking mechanism and pull the cord out. Yes, it is really that simple! You can now avoid the time consuming steel brackets and tiny screws. Whether these cords are used in a server room or hospital setting, the locking end on these cords gets the job done.

Plug Options

Plug Options

The plug ends on these cords feature either the standard hospital plug or the special I-Plug Ring design. If you need to unplug from the power source frequently, we recommend choosing one of the cords with the I-Ring plug. The benefit of the I-Ring design is that it allows for quick, easy unplugging. The 13A Push Locking Hospital Grade Cordset (Model# 27213-7 and 27213-5) are the two models with this innovative design.

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