Top Cords & Adapters for Contractors

Whether you are a professional contractor or a regular DIYer, having durable tools and equipment is a must. To help you find the right cords and adapters for your next project, we have compiled a small list of our top recommendations.

12/3 Gauge Outdoor Extension Cord w/ Lighted End (20251-025)

12 Gauge Heavy Duty Extension Cord

12 gauge extension cords are a top choice for contractors. They are versatile due to the ability to run up to 100ft. without being derated. The larger diameter of the copper wires inside the cord allow the electricity to flow through it better than a 14 or 16 gauge extension cord.

Temporary String Light Extension Cord

Locking string light extension cord sets are important for working in dark areas where light is at a minimum. Having the ability to plug the lights into the cord saves time and money since it can also be used as as an extension cord. The Plug’ N’ Glow light set has these features and will still work in below freezing temperatures.


GFCI Protection

20910-3IGThis is an absolute necessity for a contractor to help prevent electrocution especially when working in damp/wet areas such as basements. Always having access to a GFCI protected outlet is not always a guarantee though. Having a cordset with the feature built-in saves time looking for a protected outlet and minimizes the risk of electrocuting yourself. Some have three outlets on the cord, as shown in the image, which means you can have up to three devices with GFCI protection at the same time.

Generator Cords

If no outlets are available and portable power must be used, having a variety of quality generator cords and adapters is important. For additional information about which outlets are on your generator, please see our guide, Finding What Outlet Is On Your Generator.

Below are a few adapters/cords that we recommend using:

  • Generator Power Cord AdapterYL1430520S
    • This L14-30P generator adapter cord converts a 30 amp locking generator outlet to two 15/20 amp outlets. It features clear connectors with built-in glowing indicators for a simple way to test for power.

If interested in purchasing any of the products described in this post, please see the Where To Buy section for a listing of retailers and distributors carrying our products. Also, check out our Contractor Power Product Catalog for a full-listing of products offered for contractors.

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