Providing Power To Your Food Truck

I’m looking to connect appliances and other electrical equipment to my food truck. How many amps will I need to power everything?

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question besides telling you that it really depends on how much power you plan on using.

This situation is similar to what RV owners encounter while camping. For example, an owner of a 30 amp RV might be interested in using power consuming items such as the air conditioning or heating. Before turning these devices on, the RV owner must know the total amount of amps that will be used. If the devices start drawing more than a combined total of 30 amps, there is a good chance of tripping the circuit breaker.

food truckThe following equation can be used to determine how many amps will be needed:

Amps=Watts/Voltage Supply

(You can find more detailed information about the equation here.)

Once you have determined how many total amps are needed to run the food truck, an electrician should then be hired to wire it properly. Once the configuration of the inlet is determined, you can purchase a cord. Extension cords designed for outdoor use are recommended for food trucks. This is the reason why many food truck owners will purchase RV power cords. For a listing of available RV adapters and cords, please visit the Camp Power page on our website.

If there is no available power source at the location where you park your truck, a generator may be required for your equipment. For information on picking out the right generator cord, please see our helpful guide.

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