EV Adapters Save You Money!

electric vehicle chargeIf you own a Tesla, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, or any other electric vehicle, you probably understand how hard it is to get a quick charge. Fortunately, as electric vehicles continue to become increasingly common, publicly accessible charging stations are also seeing an increase. Public charging stations, Level 3, supply a high voltage to the vehicle at once, reducing the amount of time for a full recharge.

Electric car owners typically need a faster charge than just simply plugging into a standard household outlet and will invest in a Level 2 charging station. While not nearly as fast as a Level 3, a Level 2 can give your car a full recharge within a few hours. The downside to a Level 2 station is that it can be expensive especially if there are no rebates/incentives to take advantage of. The unit itself will often cost several hundred dollars and an electrician will be needed to install it properly.


NEMA 6-50P to 14-50R EVSE Adapter Cord

There are some instances, however, when a homeowner has a welder or dryer outlet available and wants to use that outlet as an alternative to the home charging station. These outlets can be used to power an electric vehicle with the right adapter. One of Conntek’s distributors, CordDepot, makes it easy to find an EV adapter by searching for car manufacturer. Another option, the Cord Finder Tool, filters results based on male/female configuration.  In most cases, adapters are available that convert from a 15, 20, 30, or even 50 amp source.

Purchasing an adapter for your electric vehicle ensures efficient charge times. By using an upgraded outlet other than the household standard, you will spend less time charging and more time to actually drive the car!

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