Picking A Durable RV/Marine Shore Power Cord

Heavy power cords, such as ones used for RV’s and marine boats, can become damaged quickly through not handling them properly and regular usage. The weight of the 30 and 50 amp cords will often cause the connecting ends to be pulled downward, leading to a damaged cord, inlet, outlet, or even arcing due to the connections becoming loose. To minimize these risks when searching for a new RV or marine shore power cord, here are a few things to look for in purchasing a premium power cord:

 90 Degree Male Plug

RV Power Cord With 90 Degree AngleMost RV cords that are available today will have this feature. The 90 degree male plug allows the cover for the RV pedestal to remain in a nearly closed position while the cord is plugged in. This helps keep water and other debris from interfering with the connection, which reduces the chances of burning/melting of the plug and outlet. It also provides strain relief  for the electrical components to help extend the lifespan of the power cord.

45 Degree Female Connector

45-degree-50A-rv-cord1For those with a turn to lock style inlet, especially boat owners, the female end of the cord can be tricky to plug in. This is one of the reasons having a downward 45 degree angle on the connector provides an added benefit. The handle makes it easier to grip when twisting the cord into the locked position. Another benefit of this handle is that the downward angle provides strain relief. The cord will not pull the inlet downward as much as a standard straight connector. The electrical components will also have less pressure due to the better angle. If you have already purchased a cord with a straight connector, our 50A pigtail adapter and 30A pigtail adapter allow an existing cord to still have these added benefits.

Straight Blade System

This system is specifically designed for 30 amp RV’s. The straight blade system helps prevent arcing caused by loose connections. It’s also easier to connect to the straight blade inlet than the turn to lock system, and the cord features a threaded ring that screws over the inlet to keep water and debris out. For more information on our 30A Straight Blade System, please see our previous blog post, Revolutionary 30A Straight Blade Inlet System for RV’s.

New 30A Straight blade inlet system for RV's. www.conntek.com


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