How do I hook up a 30A RV to my house?

To hook up your 30 amp RV to your home with a power cord, you will either need an electrician to install a TT-30 receptacle where you have the RV, or find yourself a step down adapter to plug into your home outlets. You will be using a step-down adapter, because we want to take your RV’s 30A plug and turn it into a plug that you can plug into your home.

How to hook up your 30A RV to your house (with adapters):

  1. Buy a 30 AMP to 15 AMP Step Down Adapter for RV.
  2. Attach the adapter to the end of your existing RV power cord.
  3. Make sure the breakers are off in the RV, and then plug the cord into your house.
  4. Now you can turn on the breaker in your RV.



  • If your RV cord + Adapter are not long enough to reach the house, you should consider running a 10 gauge extension cord. This cord is much thicker than a standard home extension cord, and will handle long distances much better.
  • You are plugged into 15/20A service now. You will have to monitor how much power you are using. Too many appliances running will trip your breaker
  • If you want to run more power, have an electrician install a TT-30 receptacle at your home.

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