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How to Successfully Use A “Cheater Box” Adapter

What is a Cheater Box? Cheater box adapter cords allow devices that require higher amounts of electricity to be powered through a smaller combined connection for maximum power. For example, the Conntek cheater box cord (#14995), has two male TT-30

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RV Adapter Basics

After Jon’s last debacle involving his misunderstanding of breakaway switches, he finally replaces his RV and starts preparing for Round II. The self-proclaimed “Expert RV Vacationer,” who bases nearly all of his limited camping knowledge on a few short instructional

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EV Adapters Save You Money!

If you own a Tesla, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, or any other electric vehicle, you probably understand how hard it is to get a quick charge. Fortunately, as electric vehicles continue to become increasingly common, publicly accessible charging stations are

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